OUR Programs


  • Promote safety spaces for girls to participate in sports while continuing with their education.
  • Increase girls participation in sports so as to break stereotypes related to girls potential.
  • OutCome
    Girls are able to defend themselves and finish school.


  • Strengthen livelihoods base of women.
  • Enhance economic opportunities for women.
  • Teen mothers Empowerment class.
  • Nurturing of talents.
  • Income generating activities.
  • Entrepreneurship trainings.


  • Improve Access to quality healthcare services.

  • Strengthen girl led advocacy to enhance SRHR.

  • Adolescent girls making safe, healthy and informed sexual health choices and accessing them.

  • 1.  Safe  Health Talks.

    2. Counselling activities.

    3. Weekly Dada’s corner sessions.

    4. Bold Bodies art sessions.

Girls- Hub.

  • Promote Girls rights issues, gender issues and leadership building.

  • To have zero Gbv Cases.To have an inclusive society that supports girls rights.To have girls as change makers advocating for change in their communities.

    1. Gender in a box.

    2. Community Dialogues.

    3. Leadership trainings.

    4. Legal Aid Clinics for GBV victims.

    5. Movement building.

    6. Flourish space.