“Herlight Kenya”

born on the principle that a lot of girls especially in marginalized communities go through a lot of dark experiences while growing up and most of the times their only hope is to hold on to the famous saying that ; “ there is always light at the End of the Tunnel”.

 As an organization we not only want to be the last light at the end of the tunnel but we want to be the light that shines hope for these girls as they grow up and realize their potentials.


 Herlight aims at  deliberately shifting the societal  norms as it seeks to engage the girls and young women from the Ages of 8-25years  in activities where they are given skills that are geared towards improving their livelihoods, advocating for their sexual rights, eliminating discrimination against women, advancing their capacities and leadership skills and promoting their participation in the decisions that affect their lives.


 HER Light Kenya works within communities and schools, using Physical education and health  as an approach to develop lifeskills, improve the status of girls, Build their leadership skills  and improve gender relations in the communities in which they live in.

Organization’s History.

 Herlight Kenya is A Girls and Women-Led community based organization in Kenya that started as an informal mentorship space for adolescent girls and teen mothers in late 2019 and was later registered as a fully functional CBO in 2021 after getting positive remarks from few of the parents whose daughters were part of the sessions, the founders saw a need to continue with the work and impact more  knowledge and skills  to the girls at a larger reach.

 Herlight was founded by 3 Human Rights Defenders , who had lived in the Herlight community since childhood and experienced first hand the challenges girls go through while growing up, later recognizing a more profound need to reach out to girls and give back to their communities in different capacities they had. At the informal mentorship spaces, they gave girls skills in boxing, Sexual education, leadership and human rights. Today the organization is serving more than 200 girls in different programs around Ruaraka constituency.


 Herlight is investing in girls and young women to claim their rights, enabling equitable access to services, resources and opportunities and especially sexual reproductive health services, education and improved livelihoods for the most vulnerable girls and young women. Community engagements is one of our key tools to ensure we get the community members to support our work and what we do..

Our Core Values


 We believe in full and inclusive participation by all and that every person, men, women or LGBTIQ community has the right and responsibility to contribute their talents, skills and resources to the work we do, for and with them.

 Promote Gender Equality.

 We are devoted to enhance gender equality and empower women and girls, by removing any barriers that prevent full participation of women and girls in the public and civil life. 


 We are committed to work with marginalized communities, improve their lives and develop a vision for change that will make a meaningful difference in their lives. We are also committed to the safety and wellbeing of girls.

 Community Participation.

We believe that community participation is an elemental part of the process of good local governance, and community development. Therefore, we consider participatory approaches as an critical instruments of our Organization


 We consider partnership as one of our key organizing principle, we are, therefore, committed to developing, maintaining and nurturing partnerships, including alliance and linkages- with institutions and individuals who identify with our vision and mission.